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Animal Tracking GreyHound

Animal Tracking
Length: 5 days (Monday through Friday)
Location: Big Oak Wilderness School, Stevensville, MT
Cost: $400.00 (meals not provided)
Prerequisite: Need to be 18 years of age or older
Enrollment: Limited to 10 students
Accommodations: Bring your own tent. (We have tents for rent, please reserve ahead of time.) The school classroom has heating and a bathroom.  The school has a refrigerator, cook top and a microwave oven; there will also be a campfire every evening.
Meals: Each student is responsible for their own food. There are restaurants and grocery stores within driving distance. (about 15 minutes)

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To be a Tracker is to learn to see, observe and hear differently; you need to be a detective. Tracking is not only finding a print on the ground, it is about reading the story that is in that track, a story of the past.
Who left this track? What was the animal doing when it left that track? When was it here? How old is the track? How fast was it traveling?
This class will help you to retell the story that is on the ground plus a lot more. 

The following skills will be covered:

Identifying Animals by their Tracks & Signs
Reading the message in the tracks
Track aging
Identifying Basic Gait Patterns
Developing and practicing techniques of camouflage
Identifying animal through scat
Stalking and Movement
Track casting
Plus Much More…



Sharp Knife (3” to 5” blade, non-folding)
Sleeping bag or blankets
Food, snacks, cooking utensils 
Eating Utensils (Fork, Spoon, Knife, Plate, & Cup)
Water Bottle (school has drinking water)
Changes of clothing (appropriate for the season/weather)
Warm outer gear and rain gear
Towel and soap
Notebook and Pens
Backpack (to carry equipment)

Track Pack (required)

Fanny Pack    (to hold the following items)
Small Flashlight
50 Popsicle Sticks
Magnifying Glass
Kite String
6” Ruler
Tape Measure
Petersons Field Guide to Animal Tracks


Tape recorder/Tapes
Extra Batteries
Camp Chairs or Seat Cushion (for sitting outside and around campfire)