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The instructors at Big Oak Wilderness School have a penchant for the outdoors and the skills that are required to live comfortably in situations that the uninitiated might call disastrous.

At their home, surrounded by acres of rolling pastures and forests, Lisa and G.T. Sanford conduct classes including Awareness, Basketry, Cordage, Fire by friction, Plant Identification and Uses, Traps, Snares, Tracking, and everything in-between. The area abounds in plant and animal diversity. They have photographed over 60 species of birds in their front yard alone.

(N46 28 11, W114 02 08)    For directions to the school: go here.

Lisa and G.T. have attended classes by Tom Brown, Jr. at the Tracker School, by Jon Young at Wilderness Awareness Schools, by Charles Worsham at Nature and Vision, by Mark Warren at Medicine Bow, by Jim Halfpenny at A Naturalist's World, and by Darryl Patton at Stalking The Wild.

Lisa and G.T. are Cavers, involved in Cave Rescue, and have taught courses in Rappelling and High Angle Rescue to individuals, private groups and rescue squads. They served 12 years with the Nolensville Volunteer Fire Department.

Your Instructors

Lisa and G.T. tracking wolves in Yellowstone
(photo by Jim Halfpenny)

G.T. and Jon



   Jon Young visits BOWS






A group of young naturalists in the classroom.