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Man Tracking

Length: 5 days (Monday through Friday)

Location: Big Oak Wilderness School, Stevensville, MT

Cost: $400.00 (meals not provided)

Prerequisite: Need to be 18 years of age or older

Enrollment: Limited to 10 students

Accommodations: Bring your own tent (we have tents for rent but please give us some notice).  The school classroom has heating and a bathroom.  The school has a refrigerator; cook top and a microwave oven, there will also be a campfire every night.

Meals: Each student is responsible for his/her own food. There are restaurants and grocery stores nearby.

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To be a Tracker is to learn to see, observe and hear differently, you need to be a detective. Tracking is not only finding a print on the ground, it is about reading the story that is in that track and the surrounding area, a story of the past.


If something is disturbed in your house you would notice it! How would you like to know if something has been disturbed in the woods?

This class will help you to notice the disturbances made in nature by man; be it a missing person or someone trying to evade discovery.

Maybe you would like to learn how to Counter-Track (leave no sign).


This course will introduce you to these concepts. We will teach you to recognize and follow things that most folks would not even see.


The instinct of man is to pursue everything that flies from him, and to fly from all that pursue him.



The following skills will be covered plus much more:


Finding Hidden Tracks on Various Ground Covers

Track Aging

Identifying Patterns

Evasion Tracking

Search Tactics

Developing and Practicing Techniques of Camouflage

Walking and Stalking Techniques


Telling the Difference Between Natural & Unnatural Movement & Sound


Plus Much More…






Sharp Knife (3” to 5” blade, non-folding)

Sleeping bag or blankets

Food, snacks, cooking utensils 

Eating Utensils (Fork, Spoon, Knife, Plate, & Cup)

Water Bottle (school has drinking water)

Changes of clothing (cold and Warm weather)

Warm outer gear and rain gear

Towel and soap

Notebook and Pens


Backpack (to carry equipment)


Track Pack (required)

Fanny Pack


50 Popsicle Sticks

Magnifying Glass

Kite String

6” Ruler

Tape Measure





Tape recorder/Tapes


Extra Batteries

Camp Chairs or Seat Cushion (for sitting outside and around campfire)