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Plants & Trees

Plant & Trees
Length: 5 days (Monday through Friday)
Location: Big Oak Wilderness School, Stevensville, MT
Cost: $400.00 (meals not provided)
Prerequisite: Need to be 18 years of age or older
Enrollment: Limited to 10 students
Accommodations: Bring your own tent. (We have tents for rent, please reserve ahead of time.) The school classroom has heating and a bathroom.  The school has a refrigerator, cook top and a microwave oven; there will also be a campfire every evening.
Meals: Each student is responsible for their own food. There are restaurants and grocery stores within driving distance. (about 15 minutes)

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Nature's bounty is all around us. There are dozens of edible plants around us that you won't find in the grocery store. This class shows you how to identity plants to use for food, cordage, and tools; when and how to harvest them, and how to make any special preparations. We will also discuss those plants that have poisonous look-a-likes and how to avoid them. We will gather as we walk, and prepare the food for an evening meal. We will cover several methods of primitive cooking and food preparation.

We will:
Learn to Identify Plants and Trees
Locate Edible Plants
Locate Medicinal Plants
Discuss Utilitarian Uses
Learn to Read the woods
Delve into Native myth and Lore
Demonstrate Primitive Cooking and Food Preparation
Discuss Food Preservation
Learn how to make: Tinctures, Teas & Salves
Discuss Caretaking
Plus a lot more…     



Sharp Knife (3” to 5” blade, non-folding)
Sleeping bag or blankets
Food, snacks, cooking utensils 
Eating Utensils (Fork, Spoon, Knife, Plate, & Cup)
Water Bottle (school has drinking water)
Changes of clothing (appropriate for the season/weather)
Warm outer gear and rain gear
Towel and soap
Notebook and Pens
Backpack (to carry equipment)


Tape recorder/Tapes
Extra Batteries
Camp Chairs or Seat Cushion (for sitting outside and around campfire)