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Question of the Month

Welcome to our Question of the Month. No contest here, but everyone will be a winner as you increase your knowledge of the great outdoors and its inhabitants.

Each month we will pose a new question and solicit your responses. Answers will be posted at the end of the month along with next month's question.

Email us your answer and the reasons why you chose your answer.

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Last Month's Question:

How do you tell the difference between a Black Vulture and a Turkey Vulture?


Your Answers:

Black Vultures: bald, grayish head; white outer primary wing feathers (wing tips) that show during flight; short, squared tail

Turkey Vultures: bald red head; two-toned underwing, (white runs all along the rear edges and tips); longer tail;


This Month's Question:

Why do deer circle back when spooked, instead of running away in a straight line?




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